There are 1,468 Languages in the world.
We speak every one of them.

Voxonic has developed proprietary patent-pending software, which transforms voices, making it possible to replicate any person’s voice in any language.

Voxonic applies its “Voice Models” to transform speech from one person to another. All we need is a one-time, fifteen-minute sample of your voice. With that we will be able to present you saying what you want in the language of your choice.

For certain applications, Voxonic technology can work together with “text-to-speech” engines; your voice model is applied to the output of the TTS program, delivering automated speech in your voice and in the language delivered by the TTS software.

Voxonic technology can be used in marketing and advertising to leverage the power of celebrity voices and to increase the efficiency of audio post-production by reducing studio and dubbing fees.

The movie industry could present international stars in their voices throughout the world. The video game industry could present audio clips in the voices of the stars.

The animation industry could streamline the process of applying video to changing story boards. Corporate executives could communicate with their international employees, clients and investors in their individual languages.

These are just a few examples of the power of this amazing technology.

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